Tuesday, 11 August 2015

A hat on a head

In an age where fashion keeps evolving with every minute of every day, some might say that it is safer to stick with trends that are timeless and those that are bound to get you a pass on the fashion bandwagon on any given day. While there are those that may be called ‘risk takers’; those that dares to venture out into the roads less traveled. There are certain trends though that can be used as a common ground for either of the category of fashion enthusiasts aforementioned as may be the case when it comes to hats. Let’s face it, hats have been an extension of one’s wardrobe and has been considered not only a necessity but also an expression of one’s style since time immemorial. And with everyone - from A-list celebrities to that stylish next door neighbor of yours, donning on different styles of hats nowadays, it is undeniably apparent that hats are here to stay.

 It can be safe, subtle or loud depending on how one chooses to wear it. The best part however is that not only does it come in a variety of styles from which you can choose that which best suits your facial features but it also can be worn with almost anything on almost any and every occasion because there’s one for every head and for every occasion. From beanie hats to fedora hats, from trilby hats to bowler hats, from straw hats to felt hats, the styles are aplenty so you can bid adieus to your bad hair days and put a hat on that head of yours. Not only is it useful on bad hair days but even on good days, one can simply don one on and see the instant touch of panache it adds to an outfit. Try one on and see for yourself the difference that one accessory can have on an entire outfit.

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Friday, 5 April 2013


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Friday, 29 March 2013